This is again why I am convinced that smaller, indi games companies are the way forward as far as game access goes rather than Lucas arts or similar.

As Karl marx himself said 150 years ago, the overriding principle here is prophit, and prophit isn't a thing which pays any attention to the good of anyone, ----- and only takes into account their wants or desires to an extent that they may generate more prophit.

While it's possible that, if in 20 or 30 or so years when gamers start losing their vision the major companies will take notice (and even then probably not), I doubt very much it'll happen in the mean time.

Btw, it is probable George himself may have had a different opinion, not because I think anything particularly good of him, just because I've found generally speaking that if you speak to someone who actually takes time, trouble and pride in designing and creating things, they are much more open ad receptive to change.

I'm not saying all small developers are saints, ----- they aren't, and I've certainly had my share of people telling me to bugger off when I suggest access changes, but I would say the majority are at least interested, and a good part of the interested ones will actually do something useful.

Witness the recent changes in Core exiles interface which resulted just from a reasonable conversation with the developer and a bit of give and take.

Beware the Grue!


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