Heh actually there is trial and error dude. If you can listen to a song and immediately play it, let me know your magic tricks and I'll start working on the highest tier songs lol. Did you guys know Harmonix paid some company to attempt and make rock band accessible? Can't for the life of me remember who it was, but they apparently came up with some vibration system for the drums or something. I don't think anything came of it though. This is why I initially said that perhaps these new features weren't a mistake. I also remember an HMX employee posting on a forum, think it was a thread created by Brandon in fact, and this person mentioned that the company would love to make RB games accessible for us, but they weren't sure how to do it. Anyone read that particular thread? it was a long time ago. One thing is certain though. they know we're out there, and they know we play their games.

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Have to agree there... just because they say they'll pass it on doesn't mean they do. The pitch guide at least I can explain. Because not all singers know harmonies. Many people who play rock band actually have little knowledge of music... not saying everyone, but a lot of people. The majority might know some, but there's a lot of people who play it just as a video game. And the pitch guide is there to help people pick out harmonies and melodies and differentiate between them. A lot of people who do vocals aren't musically trained, they sing for fun. As a result, a lot of them don't even know what the definition of a harmony is. Or if they do, they find it hard to listen for them. As to the instruments still playing in the background... that might, just might, be a thing to help the blind fans like us. And I say us, because I'm also one of the ones who's posted on hmx boards about stuff like this. Constantly, in fact. But the fact is, if they really had thought to put accessibility in mind, they would've made it somehow possible for us to know what scores we got. And they also know that we don't need to actually go through trial and error on a song in rock band to learn it. Just listening to the song can do it, if you know how.

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