Okay, so I'm about 30 email lists behind, but I'm just going to reply as I
get to them. Sorry if they seem a little old news.

The difference here, Thomas, is that you were trying to recreate a game
that LucasArts had already made and owned.

Let's think of it from their point of view.

They've invested literally millions of dollars into each Star Wars game
they make. That investment is something they own, and their hard work has
created that brand that has been built from arguably nothing. Obviously
it's a good game, because many of us are fans of the early Dark Forces
games. Why should all that pop culture and gaming cache be handed over to
anyone who wants it, whether their reasons (in the case of accessibility)
are good or otherwise. It would be kind of like me spending years creating
an amazing recipe for a cake, then someone coming up to me and saying
"Hand over that recipe because I know some people who didn't get to eat
your cake and I want to make it for them."

What I was talking about was creating something new. Your own spectacular
game. Create something that makes mainstream developers sit up and take
notice and think to themselves, "That's an awesome idea".

I'm not sure whether James had a licensing deal for Montezuma's when he
began, so I can't comment on that. But if you took over the game, I'm
pretty sure you looked into that. Again, though, the deal that was struck
with James and the copyright owner doesn't have to pass on to anyone who
comes after him, or takes up his effort. That's the thing with a contract,
it's between two particular people.

I think you proved with MOTA how to go about things. Creating your own
means you own it. And, it means that noone (other than your fans) can tell
you how you should make it, or run the show.

Good job on moving on with it.



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