Hi Neo.

perhaps your not familiar with some of the history here which is the reason why people are antagonistic ttowards main stream access.

tom, myself and various others have frequently attempted to start discussions about including access features in games by companies like Nintendo, capcom, sony etc, and have been repeatedly stone walled at every turn.

As to the developement angle, any time someone has tried to develope an accessible game using commercial trade marks they've also ended up in a lot of trouble. Tom has had several projects vetoed by companies in particular.

then, there is the question of resources. Modding is a well establish process, and uses many of the libraries and parts of the game initially created by the company themselves. audio games developement has to go completely from the ground up. this not only makes things hugely more difficult, but also means developement of a free game actualy costs the developer money through having to buy libraries etc, sinse remember many of the free resources and aides to game creation available to create graphical games are not open to audio game devs.

So, the bottom line isthe majority of main stream companies have no interest in access and, sinse audio game devs don't have the cash to pay millions of dollars in licences aren't prepared even to help.

So, if Tom wanted to create an audio starwars game he'd have to do it entirely for free, ---- and even then it's quite possible lucas arts would have his gizards (as has happened before with for instance light tech's planned starwars project).

I hope this explains the tone of things.

As to game creation, some amazing things have been done with audio games, and I'd love people from nintendo etc to take an interest, ---- but as I said, sinse it's not going to make them huge wodges of cash, they don't, and even having a reasonable conversation with them is near impossible.

Beware the grue!


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