Hi neo.

With respect, your analogy doesn't work.

it's not that we didn't happen to get to eat the cake, it's that the cake is unpalitable, and rather than take this into account, the company just says "your not making us money and we'll do nothing for you"

A better analogy would be that you create a cake recipe which contains cows milk.

I am (for purposes of this example anyway), one of those comparatively rare people who are utterly allergic to cows milk. I ask permission from you if I can modify the recipe to use sheep's milk instead.

Normally, if selling the recipe, you would expect someone to sell a thousand cakes, and thus sell it for a thousand dollars.

I will indeed pay for the recipe, but sinse I will only be able to sell five cakes to those with my allergy as oppose to the thousand you sold, I can only pay you five dollars.

Would it be right in this case for you to insist on charging me 1000 dollars for the recipe? ---- it's not even as if the five people who buy my cake will be buying yours anyway, so your hardly losing out.

It's also not the case that nintendo, Lucas arts etc are particularly hurting for prophit either, --- and it's not as if tom was even requesting that Lucas arts etc create the accessible versions of the games themselves.

if you took this line of reasoning to it's ultimate conclusion, ----- that disabled people essentially should not be allowd to create, pay for or design anything which a normal company has already designed and licensed a version of, you'd have a situation where virtually no accessible software or devices could be created at all, ---- where no vehicle could be built or modified to have wheel chair ramps, sinse this would be against the interest of all the car's designers, ---- or where no tv program could ever have sub titles for the hearing impared, because this would take away from the interest of the actors, ----- indeed there was one stage actress I came across who actually objected to her performance being dubbed in sign language "because it put her off!"

Btw, thanks for this question. it's actually made me realize that in my phd on disability, one topic I can address is defining precisely what theoretical grounds a "reasonable adjustment" in the name of accessibility should take, and at what point it becomes unreasonable.

I haven't got a clear notion yet, but I'm thinking something along the lines of the quantity of effort in order to make that adjustment being approximately no more than the quantity of effort which the disabled individual would require to make without it.

Sinse however this takes no effort on Lucas' art's or nintendo's part (not even the sacrificing of any prophit), I stil see no problem with accessible versions being made.

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