Not to rain on your parade Yohandi, but actually I doubt very much they had blind users in mind.

Music based games naturally attract people who use their ears, therefore an audio guide is entirely within the grounds of appealing to customer base.

It would be like assuming that the original boppit game was made exclusively for blind people because it has no visual elements, or because game X works with a screen reader the developer had Vi customers in mind.

Obviously these sorts of features are only a good thing, sinse they can! allow access to a game, however the concept of someone playing games without looking at the screen is so profoundly alien to most people, it'd be very doubtful indeed if this was in mind, ---- pluss if it was, why not implement some other useful features, such as spoken menues?

Obviously though when something does work, it's up to Vi gamers to communicate this to the company and point out that what they've done accidentally is a hugely good thing, so that they can improve on it later.

I've followed this stratogy with online games like Core exiles for years, and so long as that conversation can start up, more often than not it's had some really great results.

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