Hi Everyone,
I have been away from the list for quite a qhile but since I am having a 
problem when trying to play games I thought I would ask if anyone else has 
experienced this.
I am using windows xp with jaws 11 and I have installed the newest version of 
frotz for windows, version 1.14 by david kinder. Recently I bought 3 games from 
Malinche games (z8 files) and downloaded a free one vanguard. I am having a 
problem with at least 2 of them (pinched in st petersburg and vanguard). When I 
type a command into the frotz command window the results dont get shown and 
nothing happens. It is as if text is just not being printed and I cant continue 
onward with the game at all.
According to Howard Sherman the writer behind malinche games the games have 
been extensively tested but I do remember from a few years ago that I also had 
this seem problem with another of his titles endgame.
The strange thing is that I dont get an error message at all.
Are there any other people on list who ordered a malinche game and experienced 
problems like this?
Greetings, Anouk,
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