to be honest charlese, while I suspect this is the case (the thrawn books were the first I read but I had no trouble placing them time wise being as I do know the films), I am a bit of a stickler for reading books or watching series and films in the correct order.

I have to begin at the beginning and go through to the end, and if there are spinoffs or the like I have to do them in their correct place if I can.

for instance, I am about to watch babylon 5 again. I bought the big box set, containing all five series, pluss the spinoff series crusade, pluss all the films. When i originally watched the series back in 2006, I went on wikipedia and specifically looked up after which episodes the various extras came, even down to breaking off a series in the middle to watch one film in one case.

so, while I understand the starwars thing, it's just generally a part of how I tend to do things.

I think i might be so dogmatic about this sinse while growing up, the rnib talking book library was my main source of stuff to read, however they made no effort either to send books of a series in order, ---- -or even to record books of a series logically.

they for instance once sent me Isac asimov's foundation series in the order of books 1, 2, the second prequal, then four. It actually turned out they never recorded the first prequal nor books 3 and five at that point.

this is probably why I'm so insistant on correct chronology and placement of things, ---- either that or I'm just being fixated and pedantic ;d.

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