unfortunately clemment,

while to you and I and many people not updating your site and having bouncing e-mails is sufficient grounds to say someone is no longer a company, legally that's not how things work. If bavisoft are stil registered as a company, --- which, by the fact their website is stil up, some orders at least are filled, and they do to some degree stil communicate even if not actuallying saying anything useful, they could quite successfully take someone to court for simply claiming they weren't one. It'd be akin to someone saying "Welll, that car was just left on the corner of the street for two weeks, obviously nobody was owning it so I took it"

As regards piracy, I was actually thinking of Draconis. There games are the easiest to crack and redistribute, and they in fact haven't released anything new for some considderable time.

in fact I believe their last update was in 2008 which was a vista compatibility fix to many of there games.

the same could be said of bsc, even if their games are slightly harder to crack.

there is! evidence (which is to say there isn't), that they haven't done any updating of there site sinse the vista patches, which is I think all the amo some people would need.

Pluss, i wouldn't personally like to see a situation where any tom dick or harry could legitimately pirate any game they wished if they happen to feel that the company hadn't communicated or updated, ---- that would not be good, (developers would be in terror of their mail servers crashing).

Ultimately, it'd be a nasty precedent to set and probably end up doing more harm than good in the end.

Beware the Grue!


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