Hi Kai,

Yeah, that is a pretty fair summary. My Logitech Rumble Pad also has
the square shaped sockets which is fine for a game like MOTA, but in a
case like you might want to spin a light saber in a circle it is
pretty much impossible just by the poor socket design. However, in
terms of price I recommend the Philips simply because it is like $20
cheaper and it doesn't have that strange square socket design.

On 1/10/11, Kai <kaixi...@sbcglobal.net> wrote:
> Greetings List.
> I've tried the Philips controller before, and while it was alright, it
> didn't seem to feel that good to me. I've had the Rumblepad II for a long
> time now, and love it. The only quibble I have with the Rumblepad II is that
> its analog sticks are mounted in a square socket, rather than a circular
> one, which makes rotation very annoying (well nigh impossible to play
> Zangief in Street Fighter, for example). In games like Street Fighter, one
> needs to rotate the stick in a smooth and quick 360/720 degree motion to
> execute some abilities. The square socket design of the Rumblepad II
> annoyingly impedes the fluency of this motion.
> Logitech has released a newer model of the Rumblepad II called the Rumblepad
> F510 (F710 for the wireless model). These new controllers support both
> direct input and X-Input, the Xbox 360 API which some games (though probably
> not any audio games) use. No clue whether the F510/F710 have the same
> squared socket for its analog sticks. It's bottom two shoulder buttons are,
> however, now trigger buttons, in that they're no longer simply buttons. They
> work like the analog sticks, in that you can control how far you push them
> in, and games can cull this information to alter relevant functions.
> Planning to buy the F510 for myself very soon, so when I do I'll post a
> hands-on review.
> Kai

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