Hi Shaun,

That's actually an over simplification of the facts. Most people
assume it has to do with 4 gb of ram, but that isn't the problem at

With a 32-bit file system you can not easily create or map a file that
is larger than 4 GB of size. This includes a wav file, avi file, mpg
vidio clip,  etc. As a result with newer technologies like blue ray it
is becoming more and more difficult to map a 50 GB high definition
video file to a 32-bit file system and/or play it with a 32-bit
processor. In order to play huge files like this you really need a
64-bit processor, operating system, and file system.  As multimedia
formats get larger and larger in order to compress high definition
video, high-fi audio, etc the more necessary it is to have and use
64-bit systems. This effects everyone in some way. Especially, since
standard dvd movies are on the way out and blue ray dvds are quickly
beginning to be more mainstream.


On 1/12/11, shaun everiss <sm.ever...@gmail.com> wrote:
> well I don't see any reason why us blinks need 64 bit.
> what I understand is that programs can only use the first gb of ram,
> so 1 gb per program.
> in 64bit, you can use 4gb per program. or more.
> Unless you do image design or something you don't need that much.
> Sertainly for us blinks we don't even use 4gb ram.
> on my xp system I am using about 440mb about with all the extra
> halfmb blocks maybe 450-460mb.
> cutting about a good 80 for readers, and the mail program I am using
> round 320 -380mb.
> And thats everything i have, granted my version of hal is old but you
> get the idea.
> there is no way we will ever use 1gb of ram per program.
> Performance may improve with a 64bit os but we probably don't need it.
> Only people that need it are probably engineers that need to run
> multipul calculations like my brother, software developers, graphic
> designers and audio designers that need loads loaded at once and
> hardcore gamers.
> General users don't need this.
> In fact general users don't need win7 at alll, but thats the way
> things go same with ribbons.
> Though 7 has loads going for it.
> internal disk imaging is a thing I like.

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