Hi Philip,

Well, its not that obscure as you might think. I happen to have three
screen readers. Jaws 11, Window-Eyes 7.2, and NVDA 2010. I find that
each screen reader has its own unique advantages/disadvantages and
switch them depending on the project and/or application.  I know a
couple of other people with a similar setup.

For example, here in the USA on a job sight you are likely to end up
with Jaws no questions asked just because it is Jaws. However, at home
the person may have some other preference like Hal, Window-Eyes, NVDA,
whatever. As a result it is becoming more common that there may be
more than one screen reader on the system. Especially, with NVDA and
System Access that don't cost a bloody fortune.

With me I got Jaws through BSVI when I went to college since that is
all they would buy, and I just purchased SMAs for it. However, years
later I found I liked Window-Eyes better and licensed it. NVDA is free
and that's how i got the three of them. Point being is it might not be
that far a stretch to see more than one screen reader installed.


On 1/20/11, Philip Bennefall <phi...@blastbay.com> wrote:
> Hi Karl,
> I have plans to add support for the other screen readers as well, though
> Jaws is my primary target as it is still the most widely used screen reader
> out there.
> Rather than selecting a screen reader automatically, however, I'd rather let
> the user see a list of the available ones and allow them to select one based
> on that. Who knows, in some obscure case a user might have both NVDA and
> Jaws for instance.
> Kind regards,
> Philip Bennefall

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