Hi Ryan,

About arcade mode. Score servers and things like that is something we
can consider in the future. For now I was mainly thinking of a classic
arcade mode where it keeps track of your top 10 scores and you try to
best your own score. Plus by having an arcade mode there are other
things we could add such as unlockable trophies that are rewarded if
you aaccomplish a certain task in the game.

For example, in Guardian of Light if you finish level 1 in under 6
minutes you get a Mayan head dress in your list of trophies. For some
people playing for trophies and trying to unlock them all is a
challenge and reward in itself for playing a game more than once.


On 1/25/11, Ryan Conroy <staindadd...@juno.com> wrote:
> Hi Tom,
> Just a couple things:
> 1. If you put an arcade mode in, can you have a high score server? I.E. We
> could submit our high scores to scoreboards on the internet like with Pipe,
> Troopanum, ETC, and compete with each other? If you can, I'd say definitely
> I'd like an arcade mode. If you can't, I'd say nah, leave it out.
> 2. I say stick with not having random monsters if it'll make the game easier
> to make/test. I'm tired of people complaining that our audio games are too
> easy. In my opinion, I think you're probably losing sales because the game
> could be much more challenging, the replay value could be more, and it could
> be ten times more difficult. Most games we have, we can beat in one day. I'd
> like to see something that takes a while to beat, puzzles we could spend
> hours trying to figure out, ETC. What I'm basically saying is, please, make
> the game the way you want it to be made. If it's something similar to Toomb
> Rader, then go for it. People complain that our games are too easy, but
> they're completely against making them more difficult.
> I hope my comments were of some use to you. I for one, would  much rather
> the game be challenging, then it be too easy. I know this isn't your goal
> really, but what I say to people that wine and complain is, if the game is
> too challenging, or you can't handle it, don't buy it. There's those of us
> that will buy the game; I believe a majority of the blind community would
> rather play something more resembling to a sited person's game.
> Ryan

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