Hi Charles,

Charles wrote:

Puzzles?  Once solved, do they detract from the challenge and replay
value? A classic example of this is the first game put out by

My reply:

I don't think so. As long as there are more challenges besides the
puzzles in place there will be plenty to offer a gamer. Especially, if
the puzzle requires certain timing or requires practice.

For example, in Tomb Raider Underworld there is this room with a giant
wheel on the wall. Turning this wheel reveals a trap door hidden in
the ceiling. The catch is that once you turn the wheel all the way it
will start turning the other way closing the trap door. The trick is
to climb the wall, using hand/foot holds, and slip through that trap
door before it closes and llocks you in. So even though you discovered
how to open the trap door it is timed in such a way that you might
save and reload your last checkpoint several times trying to time it
just right.

Charles wrote:

Traps?  I like the way that Q9's pits are, in that you can still fall
into pits even with the muddy warning.  Could it be possible to place
a landing halfway
across a chasm that you have to judge the location of, time your jump
so as not to go too far or not far enough, or, well, I do like these
vanishing platforms,
so that is also an option.

My reply:

Right. I've thought about that. If there is a huge chasm or lava pit
you might have to jump onto a ledge somewhere in the middle of the
trap and jump from there to the other side. This would require good
timing and/or practice to get it just right. Challenging but could be
done with some practice.

Another thing I've thought about is some sort of grappling hook. In
the Tomb Raider games, at least the newer ones, there are some traps
Lara can't jump over, but she can use her grappling hook to swing
over it. This would require judging where to stand to cast the hook,
where to jump/swing, how long to swing, etc. Plus if we had a
grappling hook we might not need ropes per say.


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