Two questions, possibly related.  First, how do I access mouse support for BGT? 
 You also mentioned monsters that can follow paths.  (Thanks, by the way for 
the tutorial.  I've been looking it over, and even if I don't use BGT it'll 
help me understand all the "new" stuff introduced by  Yeah yeah, it's 
what?  Six years old now?  Oh well...

Second, (and I'm not sure what language I'm going to be programming this in,) I 
was looking at Air Hockey and I thought, "Shuffleboard--that would be cool!"
So I need an equation to find out how one circle impacts another upon 
collision.  Collision detection itself isn't a problem for me--you basically 
just subtract the distance from the center of one circle to that of another, 
and if it equals the circles' radii, they collided.  But there's that little 
matter of what happens next--does the putt go straight, diagonally, right or 
left, and how far?
Any thoughts would be helpful.
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