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I am not sure. The decision about what should be in pro only is always a tough one. With the same reasoning you could argue that pathfinding should also be available to everyone, since not everyone will want to spend $100 to get this or that feature. What makes mouse support different from pathfinding in this context? On the one hand I understand exactly what you are saying, but on the other I have to try and make pro as appealing as possible aside from being allowed to make paid games and if I don't restrict some useful features, there is no point in doing so at all. Any thoughts?

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Philip Bennefall
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Hi, Ok the path finding can be reserved for pro, but I really think that the
mouse support should always be available. Not everyone will want to make a
paid game with mouse support, so paying $100 just for that is a little.
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Hi Ken,

Mouse support is coming in the new BGT release that I plan to put out
within the next week or two, if all goes according to plan. Pathfinding is
also available there. However, both of these features are reserved for pro
users (e.g. those who use either pro single or pro unlimited).

Kind regards,

Philip Bennefall
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