On Mon, Feb 14, 2011 at 10:35:24PM -0500, Yohandy wrote:
> Is it actually that expensive?

[My Reply:]

        Wouldn't it be alot less expensive to just make Live! CD's the 
way they're doing with Linux these days?  Pop a disk in the drive and 
boot up the computer, and you're running an entire environment in 
memory.  No disks, maybe a floppy or thumb-drive to save games...kinda 
like making your computer into a game console.  It uses whatever 
hardware you have to do braille, voice synthesis, screen magnification 
off a bare bones operating system, runs one or a group of games...

        Once you had the operating system written to use the memory and 
accessibility hardware, then you could write games for it, and churn 
them out like popcorn, or make the CD images available for download.  
While the operating system may have to remain GPL, if you go the Linux 
route, the games can still remain property of their authors.

        This way you have a completely accessible operating system that 
the developers control from top to bottom, and a game platform that can 
be upgraded with the times.  After all, the old cartridge and game 
consoles are essentially the same thing, only with identicle hardware to 
work with.  We just move it from the hardware level to the software 
level and cover all the bases.

        Once the base system requirements are established, it should be 
fairly simple to take something like Knoppix, trim it down to the bare 
essentials, and there's your game platform.


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