Hi Michael,

Michael wrote:

       Hmmm.  I'd also heard that Visual BASIC had been ported to
Linux, as well as heard from an uncle that Visual BASIC was on the way

My reply:

No, Visual Basic 6 and earlier are strictly Windows technologies.
Microsoft has never, nor will ever, port it to Linux, Mac OS, etc.
However, VB .NET apps can in theory be ported to Mac OS, Linux, etc
but it is tricky since you have to use a completely open source
implamentation that isn't always 100% compatible between mono and
Microsoft's framework.

There is another option, and that is to use wine. I know there is a
Visual Basic 6 package for Wine, that allows you to run VB 6 apps via
Windows emulation on Linux, but that's not exactly a hot idea since
Wine can often be as much trouble as it is worth.

Anyway, you are right about Visual Basic 6 being replaced. Microsoft
officially dropped the language in 2008, which means officially it is
a dead language, and have replaced it with their new .NET sweit of
languages like C# .NET, C++ .NET, and Visual Basic .NET. They even
have a Java clone for .NET called J# .NET too. The power of the new
API is that regardless if you are a C++ programmer or a Visual Basic
programmer you use all the same classes, functions, and libraries. The
difference between .NET languages is pretty superficial and comes down
to syntax and personal preference.


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