An 18 inch pizza? ---- that's not a pizza, that's a truck tire!

Actually dominoes do do 12 inch, as do my very nice local shop (and they, unlike dominoes only charge an extra quid for 12 inch), but I only tend to order those if I'm really uba! hungry.

Myself, I tend to like a good mix of meet, peppers and spicey sauce. In fact I've got this special diy arrangement with my local pizza place, bbq source on the base, green peppers, meetballs, ham, and spicy beef!

Right now I'm just going outside to check if anyone is walking past who I could invite in for a pizza, ---- invite them with my big carving knife!

Hmmm, I wonder what text speak is for the hanimbal lecter style slerp of evil?


Sadly Orphius just doesn't do it justice!

Sorry for the weerdness, blame it on the late hour and a litle too much speciality firey coke! ;D.

Beware the Grue!


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