Hi tom.

One idea which has occurred to me, is rather than changing the pitch of the monster, you might have a sound which is played at the same time the as the monsters' original sound and indicates it's position.

this wouldn't break up the game the way aa "nearest monster2 speech key would, and would leave things immediate to the play, but would also mean you can position monsters where you like, rather than being limited to what is audible.

for instance, have a scope locator which is always active, but only sounds for monsters on an alternate horizontal plane to yourself, so that you will here both the harpy's flying wings and the sksleton's footsteps, and a low or high beep dependenting upon whether it is above or below you. You might also considder as ken suggested altering the sounds in another way besides pitche, ---- for instance having the sound of enemies above you echo more, while enemies below sound far more basy.

These are just a couple of ideas, but certainly I think it would be possible to have an indicater that you can here while walking along.

this will for instance let you have situations which are comon in games like marrio but totally unknown thus far in audio, ---- such as you needing to jump up onto a lege with an enemy patrolling it, and having to wait until the enemy has retreated from the edge of the ledge before jumping up.

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