Hi Dark,

That's a good question and one I presently do not have an answer for.
As I said before I absolutely hate using pitch changes in some cases
because it totally changes the way the sound effect sounds ruining the
effect I'm aiming for. At the same time pressing m to speak the
location of the nearest enemy monster is equally not very good.
However, some things might just be common sense. A Skeleton walks on
the ground so if you are up on a ledge a little daductive reasoning
would mean he is below you on the ground. Harpies fly so they'd be a
little more difficult to figure out since they could be above, below,
or on the same level as you. As it happens G3D was designed for 3d
based games and I've been having troubles with the game mechanics in
MOTA. So I'm going to have to disable the look up/down feature etc in
beta 18 because I simply can't get it working without rewriting a crap
load of stuff in the engine since I didn't write the engine
necessarily to do this in 2d games, but only 3d games.


On 3/18/11, dark <d...@xgam.org> wrote:
> hi Tom.
> that actually sounds a lot like the system i've been seeing recently in
> super metroid, where you can aime in all eight  directions, ---- and often
> need to.
> My one concern however in audio is how you will know that  that a given
> enemy is vertically above or below.
> for instance, if you here a harpy attacking, when your on the edge of a
> ledge, is the harpy emmediately right/left, above, or below. such
> information will be needed if your to avoid attacks correctly, but I'm
> wondering how you'll such positioning without the player directly using the
> look key, ---- are you going to change enemies pitch or similar?
> Beware the Grue!
> Dark.

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