Hi Tom.

no, that isn't actually what I was thinking at all.

imagine a system of coordinates, and you are on a ledge at 3-2, but here nothing to the right of you, just a long pit.

However, if you activate the look up command, instead of hereing just that pit to the right of you, you will here the normal ledge sound of a ledge at 4-3, directly above and to the right of your current position.

The sound of the ledge does not change in pitch, but you know it is there sinse you have activated the look up function, and can therefore jump up and to the right.

The same could be true if there was a ledge at 4-1, just below your position if you activated look down.

This would let you build more complex jumping structures such as those found in games like mega man and marrio showing what is above and below the character rather than what is just immediately to the right or left of them or having to rely upon pitch.

Another way of thinking about it might be that in looking up you are virtually changing your characters position, pretending that he/she is at coordinates 4-2 instead of 3-2, thus allowing you to here what is up there to the right and left.

This is a similar concept to the idea of scrolling the screen with look commands. i can't recall if any nes era games did this, though quite a few snes and mega drive ones such as super starwars and micky mouse castle of illusion certainly did.

It just strikes me this is a way to get more mileage out of 2D sterrio sound and a better way to show what is above and below your character.

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