Hi Hayden,

Yeah, I know. When I first played the Infocom games I had hours and
hours of fun playing through them. There were lots of puzzles, lots
more character interaction, and of course lots of descriptions you
simply can't get through an an audio only medium. Sure I don't have
anything against updating the text adventure style game a bit by
adding ambient sounds, a little music, and/or attack sounds , etc but
that isn't what draws me personally to those games. I'm drawn to the
story more than anything else. The chance to get so involved in the
world, the story, that I actually think, feel, and act like the
character I'm playing. Every character is different, and offers
different ways to handle the same situation.

For example, let's assume you are playing a Justice League game and
you are being attacked by some of Dark Seid's power demons. Batman
will fight them using stealth, unarmed combat, and weapons like his
batarang to pick enemies off from a distance. Black Canary is a black
belt, master of martial arts, so she too will be able to do a lot of
damage through unarmed combat. However, she also has a super power,
the Canary Cry, which can render multiple aponents unconscious at the
same time or kill them if she really goes supersonic sound. Obviously
Black Canary's Canary Cry is handy to have if you are out numbered or
facing some enemy like Doomsday, Dark Seid, or Amazo who would
ordinarily over power Black Canary in unarmed combat situation.
Zatanna, definitely one of the coollest super heroines, would probably
whipup some nasty elemental magic to clean the floor with the lot of
them. She might hit the power demons with a huge elemental fireball or
blast them apart with a lightning bolt, or she might turn them all to
ice freezing them in place. Zatanna is probably the most virsital
character as she has a lot of magic powers at her command including
the ability to heal herself in the middle of a combat situation. Its
interesting how many different ways you can actually play a roll
playing game just by selecting different characters.

I often find that this degree of fflexability and an unlimited world
of exploration well makes up for the lack of sounds and music. If
there are several different characters to choose from and a degree of
randomness through dice throws that you've got a game that has
incredible replay value. Its random and you aren't going to play the
same character twice in a row if you decide to switch from character
to character from game to game. I havent' found many audio games
besides Entombed that comes close to this degree of nearly endless
replay value.

As far as low tech goes I think we often forget that board games, card
games, etc are still incredibly low tech too. Even if you add sounds
like shuffling a deck and stuff they are still are considerably low
tech compared to Shades of Doom or something like that. If you play
the actual board or card games themselves they don't get any more low
tech than that. Chess has been around for close to a thousand years,
and although computer versions are available the manual board game is
just as popular as it ever was. So I think sometimes people make too
much of low tech verses high tech games. There is plenty of room for


On 3/21/11, Hayden Presley <hdpres...@hotmail.com> wrote:
> Hi Thomas,
> Here here! Sometimes I like text games even more than audio, for the simple
> reason that you can get so much more descriptionwise out of text then audio,
> without high costs for good actors. Some of the best games from the 80's (in
> my opinion) were, of course, text adventures from Infocom. Oftentimes there
> are more puzzles and possibilities in text--again, no need for high costs as
> far as sounds and sound design goes. Sometimes, there aint nothing like good
> ole low-tech! <Grin>
> Best Regards,
> Hayden

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