Hi Dark,

Although, I'm pretty good at FPS games I found Monkey Business rather
disorienting the first few times I played it as well. Eventually, I
got the hang of it, but as you said relying totally on audio won't
help much. The only way I really got the hang of Monkey Business is by
creating a mental map of the levels and could get around pretty much
by memory. That made catching monkies easier because I remembered I'd
have to walk around a stone, tree, etc and could use those stationary
items as landmarks. They also could be used to hide, and you could
jump out from behind a tree or stone to catch the monkeies as they
pass buy. The absolutely worst level is the ledges level. I've never
beaten it just by exploring it. Instead I've had to memorize it step
by step to successfully get passed it.

On 3/25/11, dark <d...@xgam.org> wrote:
> Hi Phil.
> Actually, following the professor was never the bit I had trouble with and
> did it first time I played the game.
> I just waited for the professor to get a bit ahead then kept his footsteps
> or humming in the center of my sterrio field, occasionally adjusting with
> either right and left arrows or ctrl arrows, ---- much as in fact I do when
> doing the follow the truck mission in tank commander.
> sinse there isn't much other sound going on at the time it's fairly easy to
> isolate the prof from everything else.
> it's the jungle that really gives me trouble.
> firstly, the tracking of sound sources seems amazingly imprecise. Frequently
> I'll here an object bleep in my locator of say the sword or a coin, center
> it, walk towards it and go right past.
> Then, the placement of sounds relative to obstacles seems very dodgy.
> Frequently I'll here something but not be able to get to it and go slamming
> into a tree, this is true of both stationary objects, and moving ones and
> makes catching monkies a right royal pest. For someone who navigates by
> markers and directional memory rather than by actually creating a mental map
> of the terrain, this is frankly a nightmare, because it means I cannot
> accurately work out where sound markers of certain things are and plan
> routes around that without slamming head on into something.
> Just to make things even harder, there is no handy backup as in the gma
> engine of things like scan or object identity menues, so I can't get a 360
> or 180 scan around me, ---- the sonar I find nearly useless.
> Finally, it seems the engine has no distinction betwene forground sound
> sources eg, object sounds or purely sound objects which move in the 3D
> field, and background ones, ie, constant ambience. Everything seems to have
> the same volume, which makes distinguishing one from the other a right pest.
> this is why, even with the manual description, I find the jungle and the
> game generally so hard to play, ---- pluss of course there are a few
> mechanical issues with the game, such as the way you can't swing your
> net, ---- or even actually navigate very well, while swimming, it always
> seems when I'm just about to gnab one of those bloody monkies it dives into
> the river, and not only can I not use my net but I end up getting
> disorientated and swept of somewhere else, ---- often to my doom!
> Actually Phil, even though Sarah is probably a more complex game overall,
> especially in terms of many sound objects, I find it far easier to play
> owing to the good sound positioning and distinction, handy review commands
> and precise location of sounds in the Gma engine.
> Beware the grue!
> Dark.

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