Hey all,

A while ago I had emailed the You don't Know Jack Jellyvision product manager I 
believe he is, Mike Bilder, about the possibility of the Jack Attack being made 
accessible. Mainly I emailed him to tell him that yes, we do play and since the 
game wasn't out yet I had asked if there was keyboard entry questions, as that 
would be an accessibility issue on consoles. Turns out it'd be an issue for 
everyone. This is his response. I like it, and usually when someone mentions to 
You don't know Jack on Twitter that they're a blind player they start following 
us immediately after they see it, so I think they're interested, to say the 

Email below.

Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/orinks
Skype: orin1112

Begin forwarded message:

> From: Mike Bilder <m...@jellyvision.com>
> Date: March 29, 2011 8:26:48 PM EDT
> To: 'Orin' <orin8...@gmail.com>
> Subject: RE: Regarding the new You don't know Jack
> Hi Orin,
> Thanks for your note.  I have to tell you, your email has started quite a 
> lengthy discussion here at the office.  Unfortunately I'm not sure there's 
> much we can do to address this in the current version.  I really wish I would 
> have heard from you about 8 months ago.  The current version contains 3 types 
> of questions: 1. The traditional multiple choice.  2. The DisOrDat  3. The 
> Jack Attack.  There are no question types that require keyboard / virtual 
> keyboard entry. There are some variant specialty questions that are based on 
> the multiple choice but they are executed in the same manner as the normal 
> multiple choice.  Given what you've explained below, all of the game, with 
> the exception of the Jack Attack, should be fully accessible.
> I'd love to keep in contact with you so we can take proper steps in future 
> versions of the game to make it fully accessible to blind players.
> Best,
> -Mike
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> Mike Bilder
> General Manager
> Jellyvision Games
> Email:  m...@jellyvision.com
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> From: Orin [mailto:orin8...@gmail.com]
> Sent: Wednesday, February 02, 2011 8:24 PM
> To: Mike Bilder
> Subject: Regarding the new You don't know Jack
> Hi Mike,
> I visited the Jellyvision site, saw an email address and wanted to email you 
> guys on something regarding YDKJ in general, something you probably never 
> considered or thought of for this series.
> I don't know if you know this, but a good number of us fans of the old games 
> are blind. I miss the game, and have pre-ordered the game for my PS3 and will 
> be playing it on Tuesday. I notice that Cookie continues to read the 
> questions, this is great. However, I'm concerned; will there be question 
> types like Roadkill? In the ride, that was inaccessible. That doesn't annoy 
> me more than the Jack Attack though. The reason that this is the most 
> frustrating is that with the new multiplayer features, we won't really be 
> able to compete. And the people who I'm playing against certainly won't read 
> the Jack Attack words as they come up, they'll just take advantage and win. 
> I'm just curious if there could possibly be anything you can do to improve 
> the jack attack experience for blind players? Because so much of the game is 
> accessible and playable for us already, that's the thing. It's just that 
> online blind people can probably only compete against blind people and even 
> then, we have to be really good at the questions as we can't answer the jack 
> attacks. If I do crappy on the questions and get some right on the attack 
> that's what the whole point of the attack is, to get bonus cash. Also, I'm 
> curious, are there questions where you have to type in answers this time? I 
> would think on consoles and a virtual keyboard that'd be hard.
> Thanks for reading this email if you do at least. I hope that maybe you can 
> figure out a way to make the attacks accessible and put it in a downloadable 
> patch. My first guess would be to have Cookie somehow read them, but I guess 
> the whole point is to see them in buzz in quickly.
> Anyway, if nothing else, I'll enjoy the game and Cookie's humor, even if I 
> can only truly play against the computer or local.
> Thanks.
> Orin
> orin8...@gmail.com
> Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/orinks
> Skype: orin1112

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