hi thomas.
but there are two sides of the coin here. if you use these recorded
speech clips it will be more time consuming for you to adjust it,
because you will always get complaints that the speech is too fast, that
some users don't like this voice and that they may have something much
better available to use, etc.
considering the translations, yes, i'm from brazil and i know that this
portuguese version is in the works. however if you used sapi you could
use a file to have the text in different lines.
for example:
mainmenu=main menu
newgame=new game
etc etc. so what the user would do is just remove what's written after
the = sign and write the translation, change to the desired sapi voice
and play it instantly. it's even faster to translate.
i don't know how hard it is to program it, but i know that it's possible
because i translated a game called magic blocks(developed by quentinc)
it used the javaplatform and worked in this same way. i translated it in
like 5 minuts.
however since you're using a different language it might be harder to do
it. but you know.
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There are two reasons I'm not using Sapi.

One, that is one more dependency I have to build into my game source
code. I have made no secret of the fact eventually I want to port the
game to Mac and Linux for those markets. Using Sapi just makes it that
much harder to port because I have to end up replacing Sapi on those
platforms with some other operating system specific speech API. It
makes cross-platform development much more difficult not easier.

Two, not everyone has a high quality Sapi speech engine. Back when I
was using Sapi with Montezuma's Revenge I got a few complaints of the
effect my Sapi voice sounds terrible. Please, include a better voice
etc. When I told them they had to go to Nextup.com, Cepstral.com, or
some place and buy one they got a little bent out of shape. So I found
by shipping a high quality voice with the game just generally worked
out better for everyone.

Finally, there is another reason why prerecorded speech is better than
Sapi. That is foreign language support. If you spoke another foreign
language French, Spanish, German, etc you could in theory replace all
the wav files with a foreign translation and add a language pack. If I
use Sapi that means the game will be U.S. English only. So that's not
really fair to my foreign ccustomers. As it happens a few language
packs are in development right now  such as the one being created by
Blind Games Brazil. If I use Sapi you can forget about those language


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