Hi Matheus,

Like I explained to Dark, must have been about a month back, a lot of
issues like that are going to be taken care of once I get all the
levels finished. So the enchanted sword which is clearly the most
powerful in the game won't appear  until a later game level. the only
reason you can get it at all on level 1 or 2 is simply because this is
a beta and not everything is completely finished yet.


On 4/5/11, Matheus r.c. souza <an...@bol.com.br> wrote:
> hi thomas.
> oh, i totaly understand it, and i know that you wrote this game using
> several programming languages and accepting lots of suggestions from all
> users. that's what took so much time, not to mention bugs and stuff like
> that. i downloaded pretty much all the betas from beta 1 to 18, so i
> know what you're talking about.
> if adding sapi support would mean rewriting the game, then i say no.
> leave things as they are, i'm not a english speaker and i can easyly
> understand
> this voice with this rate. and i can't wait to see this game get
> finished to see the other bosses and stuff.
> hmm, speaking about the game, i have a question: what about the weapons
> that you pick up? the game seems to be much more fair now in that
> regard, in the 2 games that i played i got a sword in the first level
> with a bunch of other weapons. are they randomised or not? i think that
> potions, gold, etc should be randomised, but torches, weapons should go
> in defined locations.
> spoiler!
> space!
> when fighting the last creature in the first level, i noticed that it
> was much more challenging to kill it with the dagger. so why not allow
> only the dagger to appear in the first level instead of the sword? i had
> to score more than 8 hits to kill it with the dagger, but i killed it
> with 2 hits using a sword, i was even going to record and show the boss
> to a friend of mine, but i was a little disappointed to see that i
> didn't got the dagger and that it was too easy to just do it.
> so when you come to a harder boss or harder creatures that will really
> force you to use the sword, you could get it.
> what do you think about that?
> thanks and good job!

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