Hi Tom.

Fair enough, it is your game.

On the self voicing issue, I chiefly like the idea of text or sapi because of customizability and ease of play.

While I'm all for human voices in games where those voices are characters, I don't see the need for this sort of thing in menues, reading stats etc, here I'd plum for sapi or text.

In a wrestling game though your not liable to find people to actually voice the wrestlers realistically as they give interview quotes or the like, so I'd vote for text or sapi there as well, ---- maybe with the odd grunt or grone thrown in for sfx reasons, but text or sapi for all the quotations, menues and the like.

On the fantasy wrestlers vs actual wrestling period, I think this is just a case where we'll have to agree to disagree.

Only having a sketchy knolidge of wrestling, I'd much prefer something flexible enough to let me be creative, and see what other people come up with in way of wrestlers, and if some of the wrestlers I do know like Hulk Hogan, The rock, or the undertaker were included to fight my fantasy wrestlers I'd just see it as an extra bit of fun, rather the way Mike tysan appearing in punch out on the nes was. Pluss, it'd really show the measure of your fantasy wrestler if he/she could beat the likes of the nasty boys or sergeant slaughter as well as other fantasy wrestlers.

This is however just a personal preference sinse as I said, I'm not really that much attached to having something entirely tied to wrestling history.

If you prefer to make a more realistic game in terms of period and rosta I'll certainly be giving it a try anyhow, especially If I can play as Hulk Hogan or the ultimate warrior, ---- who were always personal favourites when I was ten ;D.

Beware the Grue!


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