HI Dark,

Yeah, well one thing is for certain regardless what I do I can't
please everyone. That's true with every game a developer creates, and
it becomes more of an issue any time a game features something like
Star Trek, Star Wars, wrestling, etc as hard core fans see it as a
type of fan fiction where those who aren't hard core fans just see it
as another game.

For instance, let's take Trek 2000 verses Final Conflict. Well, when
David Greenwood wrote his Star Trek game, Trek 2000, it is pretty
obvious he wasn't interested in making it too technical. I.E. doing
everything achording to cannon. As a result the game was ok, but
wasn't great. My biggest complaint was that it lacked a lot of
technical details from the original Star Trek series, and it was
dumbed down to help novis gamers.

For example, i know for a fact that the original Enterprise had 100
photon torpedoes. The Enterprise in Trek 2000 only carried 10. On Star
Trek, as in real life, they had to set a course like (0, 9, 0) rather
than north, south, east , west. I thought the north, south, east, west
directions in Trek 2000 was really hoky. I.E. not at all realistic or
technically accurate.

Basically, because I was a big Star Trek fan, follow cannon the way
some people might follow their favorite sports team, I had all these
expectations what a Star Trek game would and should be like. These are
details that would only be of concern to a hard core Trek fan, but not
matter to your average gamer who maybe purchased the game just for a
little fun. Someone who isn't up on Trek cannon wouldn't care, but
those who know the cannon would find it disappointing. Which is what

So my first project for USA Games was to basically rewrite Trek 2000
my way which resulted in the creation of Final Conflict. Admitedly it
wasn't my best work, I could have done better, but I did my best to
write it using actual facts and cannon based on the television series.
Plus instead of using generic names like navigation, scanning, and
weapons I used the actual names of those stations like Helm, Ops, and
Tactical. Trek fans loved it, but some people who tried the game who
didn't know anything about Star Trek asked me why I called it Ops
instead of Sensors or Scanning or something self-explanitory.  Which
brings us directly to the heart of the matter.

One of the things I set out to do when starting USA Games is to write
games based on cannon. Weather I write a Star Trek game or write a
wrestling game I do my best to make the game as true to the cannon as
possible which generally is widely accepted as a good thing by
dedicated fans. However, someone like yourself, who doesn't know
wrestling cannon well, that obviously isn't a good thing.

I guess it is kind of like coming into a movie half way through and
asking everyone,  "who is this or that character, what is going on,
why is he/she doing this or that?"  All are valid questions, because
you simply don't know the back story, and you aren't going to enjoy it
as much as the guy sitting next to you who watched it from the moment
the movie started.

I think this is actually where our diference of opinion originates.
I'm the guy who has been watching the movie from the beginning, so to
speak, and you just entered after missing a good portion of it. Your
idea of wrestling is sketchy at best so Toni the Tiger and Captain
Crunch are just as viable options as Hulk Hogan and Ricky "the Dragon"
Steamboat to you. However, as a cannonest myself I would feel like
Toni the Tiger and Captain Crunch don't belong in the game and should
be barred from playing on any official roster.However, that's not to
say we can't do both.

One of the things I like about Srith is you can select from a list of
pregenerated/created characters, I.E. cannon adventurers, or you can
custom create your own. I think a similar idea could apply here. For
the wrestling cannonest like myself I can simply choose to play one of
the existing restlers from the list. Someone else who doesn't really
know wrestling that well or wants to add a wrestler not in the
database they could add him/her as a custom player. If you want to
have a fantasy match between the Super Mario Brothers and the Powers
of Pain that should be possible even if it isn't necessarily official
cannon just by adding them to the database and playing them. So I'll
think about it.

Anyway, as far as text goes again I have to agree. That's over all I
think the best user interface/output for this kind of project. Its
easy, very cross-platform, and as I mentioned before some screen
readers like Window-Eyes 7.5 reads everything on the screen pretty
well anyway. After all, as you said using Sapi voices etc to do
interviews etc would suck anyway so might as well just read them with
your screen reader rather than try and fudge it using Sapi voices. So
I think what we can do is try it using a text UI to begin with, and if
there is a big demand for self-voicing we will cross that road when we
come to it.


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