Hi Pitr,

I don't think that is very fair. This has nothing to do with X-Sight
being a failure, or that Damien is in someway a poor developer. What
Damien is doing makes perfect sense to me, and as a developer I
understand completely where he is coming from on this matter.

What a lot of you guys tend to fail to understand time and time again
is that the majority of accessible games were written by amateurs who
only have a basic understanding of programming to begin with, and to
make matters worse they chose to use an easy programming language like
Visual Basic 6 which is now an extremely old programming technology
that can't meet the specifications required for newer Windows
releases. If someone like Damien wants to simply upgrade the games
he'll have to work with the existing code, which can be difficult
since no two developers think the same, and locate all of the possible
bugs which is very very time consuming. The alternative is to simply
rewrite the games from scratch in a newer programming language like
C++, Java, BGT, whatever which can be just as time consuming because
you have to figure out how the program works and rewrite it in your
own particular style and language of choice. Since most of the games
like the Savage Gambit, Self-Destruct, are now considered freeware
anyway there is no real advantage to being gained by rewriting it when
there might be newer more interesting projects to create. Some of the
games like Self-Destruct, to be perfectly honest, isn't that much of a
great game to begin with. I think I played it once and then
uninstalled it, because I really didn't like the game. So you have to
forgive me for saying so, but I don't see any point in continuing the
project. I'm sure Damien can create something far better than
Self-Destruct if given half a chance to do so.

The difference here is, as I see it, taking over a project like
Raceway was worth it. It was a commercial project, James North wasn't
really an amateur, and I've learned something from reading his code I
didn't know before. Of course, I've improved upon his design by
rewriting it in C++ and using my own programming skills, but I'll get
my money back by selling it. Something like Self-Destruct has no
future as a comercial project, and unless there are some major
improvements it is still just going to be a so-so game at best. Why
not start fresh with a better game idea and run with it?


On 4/14/11, Pitermach <piterm...@gmail.com> wrote:
> this is seriusly wrong. this is, if I'm not mistaking, a 3rd x-sight, or
> more like, x-depressing, whipeout. fail.

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