Hi Hayden and all,

I think there is more to it than that. For a developer its not so cut
and dry. There are other issues to consider besides just throwing it
up there and letting people download game x with or without support.

For example, it costs us money to purchase extra drive space on a web
server, it costs us money for the bandwidth we use, and every download
of game x goes right on our bill even if it might be pennies on the
dollar. So just because you might want to download the Savage Gambit
or some other old game, but you aren't exactly paying the bills
either. So its not really up to you what a developer does and does not
choose to host on his/her website.

I myself have a number of old abandoned games on my website with more
being added this weekend. However, let's not forget that is a service
I'm doing for the community because I happen to have enough drive
space and bandwidth to do it free of charge. If my financial situation
changes, have to end up getting a different hosting plan, etc that's
going to be the first thing I cut out of my budget. It has nothing to
do with weather I should or should not offer these games, but weather
I personally can afford to maintain the service without charging you
guys for it.

Now, imagine let's say bandwidth and drive space was an issue for
Damien and you guys started complaining that Self-Destruct, Savage
Gambit, and Danger City, weren't available for download. Let's say he
offers to host them if you pay him a yearly subscription fee of $10.00
which would go towards buying extra drive space, bandwidth, and any
other website upkeep fees. Would you personally go for it, or would
you turn around and say its too expensive and not worry about the

See, that's were the rubber meets the road for me. You are all willing
to ask for this kind of service as long as it is free, but if it has
to come out of your own wallet then its a different tune. I think it
is high time you stop thinking about only what you want, and think
about us, the developers, and what we need. See why we might not
choose to continue supporting or offering a certain product for
download instead of complaining about it as we generally have valid
reasons for doing what we do.


On 4/16/11, Hayden Presley <hdpres...@hotmail.com> wrote:
> Hi,
> While I see the merits of supporting them, I do not see the merits of simply
> saying, ah to heck with them and removing them from your site. All you need
> say is that X-Sight holds no responsibility for the software working
> faultily.
> Best Regards,
> Hayden

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