Hi Damien,

Yeah, I actually do see your point. It is for that very reason,
interesting enough, why I had never put up all of the PB Games, etc. I
personally feel something like Snowball War is simply not worth
hosting, but I've been asked time and time again to host it for one
reason or another so I put it up. However, I have a disclaimer on my
website that USA Games does not support those games in any way, shape,
or form. If people ask their questions will go unanswered simply
because I don't really see any need to keep some games like Snowball
War around. If you want it then use it at your own risk. So far no one
has really asked for help on any of the games I host so I don't have
an issue with hosting them. However, if I was getting flamed,
bombarded with questions, etc like you are with the abandoned games
then they'd be taken off my website faster than you can say "pronto

One thing you can be assured of I'm not going to cry over Danger City,
Self-Destruct, etc because the games certainly are not worth it.
Jason, I think it was who ran XL Studios, was not a very skilled
programmer to be frank about it. I remember back when we still had the
ag-dev wiki and  mailing list Jason released the source for a couple
of his games as tutorials, and it was terrible. I suppose I'm a bit
bias since I was trained professionally, therefore I try to program
using professional standards, but all the same I didn't think it was
tutorial quality. I felt that for beginners it would teach them some
extremely bad habits, and  do to Jason's inexperience I could see
mistakes he would be passing on to the next generation developer. So I
understand exactly why you don't want to simply upgrade the code, and
would have to rewrite it from scratch.

In fact, the only game on your list of games I might consider updating
would be the Savage Gambit. I think if it was rewritten, given some
better keyboard asignments, etc it could be a decent game. However, it
is pretty difficult to play in its current state.


On 4/16/11, Damien Pendleton <dam...@x-sight-interactive.net> wrote:
> Hi Thomas,
> I just don't feel like they are games worth hosting. All I have had since I
> have retained the rights to these games are complaints and flames and I feel
> like they are more trouble than they are worth. If people wanted the games
> that badly, they would have offered me their support rather than their
> scorn. The amount of emails I have had complaining about the bug in level 1
> in Danger City, or the bug in level 10 of Self Destruct, or the bug in this
> or the bug in that, and when I explained to them calmly that because these
> games had been transferred to me they turned around and basically told me to
> forget it, I figured that neither me nor anybody else should be treated that
> way and held responsible for these bugs without good cause, whether as a
> host or a developer. I feel that since I am trying to offer good quality
> products now, if someone was to redistribute, or host, these games with my
> name attached to them, they would hold me responsible for the bugs, and it
> would put them off my next titles, if that makes sense.
> Hope that helps.
> Regards,
> Damien.

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