Funnily enough tom, both in terms of Megaman and in terms of the bsc games, I never had them when they first came out.

i actually didn't play the original nes mega man games until 2005 when i got the aniversary collection for the gamecube, and I only became interested because of the snes offerings.

Likewise I didn't play hunter, troopanum 2 etc until 2006, ---- possibly one reason why I've never cared to buy classic pipe or classic troop, sinse for me the two later games seem to cover the earlier ones.

Certainly i play and enjoy them, but I very much disagree that it is just! the classic appeal of the games which makes them worth playing.

Were someone (as occasionally happens), to turn up on the forum asking for classic arcade games or games they could play in a short amount of time, I'd most likely recommend troopanum and pipe 2, possibly hunter (depending upon age given the grizly deaths), superliam, alien outback, dynaman, the pinball games, pakcman talks and indeed Q9, simply because they are well worth playing.

Beware the grue!


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