Hi Tom.

Well my dart suggestion was based parimarily upon game mechanics rather than implicit trap logic.

The difficulty in avoiding a bouncing skull is that you need to either jump over it when it is on the ground in front of you, or sneak under it when it is above your head.

If for audio reasons skulls in montizumas revenge couldn't be made to bounce, this leaves something of a vacuume, sinse spiders, snakes and rolling skulls can all be jumpved over, but nothing can attack you while in mid air.

So obviously to preserve game difficulty and insure a variety of enemies we need an airial trap, and shooting darts just struck me as a logical one.

how they may work, pressure plates or whatever, no idea, but I was primiarily thinking only of the game there, and being as montizumas return was not particularly realistic in explaining it's traps and monsters origins I didn't worry in this case.

I'm not sure if you ever played an old game called rick dangerous (it mostly had releases on old computers like the amigar, atari st and ms doss), from the early 90'swhich featured exploring various temples much like montizumas return, and many indiana jones style traps like dropping boulders and swinging on ropes.

It also had darts which fired out when you got to certain points, indeed many you needed to duck, or jump very quickly to get through. There was not a particular reason for the darts, other than them being an airial trap in the game.

Indeed rick dangerous was in some ways like a more advanced monti, one hit death, extremely difficult traps and enemies, but an on going story which had you fighting evil criminal syndicate through temples rather the way indi fought the nazis.

You also had a gun with limited amo, and some bundles of dynamite that could be used for both killing your enemies and blasting rocks out of your path.

Actually it was a pretty fun game, especially because everytime you or someone else got killed you let out a very loud waaaaaaah! which was hilarious!

Beware the grue!


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