Hi Dark,

Maybe, but I do know also that the more complex the game the more
difficult it is to create. Sometimes attempting to add an advanced
concept to the game, if not correctly implamented, will cause the game
to break.

For example, remember back during beta 17 it was you or someone else
who braught up the subject of analog jumping. Well, I added it to beta
18, and while a bit buggy it seemed to work fine with DirectX. Well,
for beta 19 I recompiled the game with the cross-platform engine that
is mainly based on SDL and the analog jumping caused so many problems
I litterally had to take it out to get the game remotely stable again.
What I mean by that with SDL the analog jump system turned out to have
a number of side effects I didn't know about like if you jumped over a
fire pit as soon as Angela landed she'd start walking or running and
you couldn't stop her. She'd litterally continue running until she hit
a wall, ran into a trap, or would run right off a ledge and kill
herself. It was quite difficult to use, because it didn't happen all
the time but often enough to maret removal for the time being.

Basically, the moral of the story is although sometimes I and other VI
developers would like to incorperate some of these more mainstream
concepts like analog jumping there may be technical limitations or
issues preventing him/her from adding it. I'm certainly not saying
that adding an analog jump system etc is impossible, I'm sure it is,
but merely that since I've never done it before I came up with a poor
design that apparently worked with DirectX but totally went haywire
with SDL. I'm sure new game developers have the same sorts of issues
with trying to program similar advanced features or ideas when trying
to figure out the proper logic and functionality.


On 5/21/11, dark <d...@xgam.org> wrote:
> Hi Tom.
> i agree with respect to blind gamers' experience of what graphical games use
> as concepts, sinse obviously if you cannot see all the elements of a game
> like mario brothers say, you cannot know how these work mechanically and
> thus attempting to create an accessible version will always miss concepts,
> however I'm less certain on the experience front.
> I've seen too many freeware developers of indi pc games to start believing
> that you need several millions, a big bunch of programmers and
> qualifications out of the ears to create good games.
> Obviously resources help, but I'm less convinced they are a necessity, and
> as already mentioned experience just takes time and work to acquire anyway.
> Beware the grue!
> Dark.

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