Hi Dark,

Sure, but then again let's not forget most of our devs aren't trained
professionals at this sort of thing. As a result they only program
what they know how to do, sometimes that is pretty simple from a
gaming point of view, or they themselves don't know any different. I
think as we've said before a lot of blind gamers have no idea of what
mainstream games are like, and don't really have anything to compare
their games to. So when someone like you or I come along, play it, its
easy to point out the lack of some more complex game play concepts
maybe they never considered before because they never played anything
like that themselves.


On 5/20/11, dark <d...@xgam.org> wrote:
> Hi tom.
> I'm not saying that simplification in audio isn't needed sinse obviously the
> amount of information you can display in audio is much smaller, however
> there are occasions I feel where a developer has simplified things rather
> too much thus leading to a fairly basic left/right sterrio targiting affair.
> Myself, what I'd prefer to see is instead of developers saying "well concept
> x isn't possible" and simplifying the game, adding something extra in
> instead which adds another layer of complexity to the game.
> Say for instance in montizuma's revenge, if you decided bouncing skulls
> weren't workable have some other form of hazard added to the game instead
> which you could! show in audio, and would add in an enemy or layer of
> complexity to the game that you were missing with the skull movements.
> for instance, have firing horizontal arrows which would hit you either when
> jumping in the air or when climbing up and down ropes if you didn't time
> things correctly.
> Like the bouncing skulls these would add an element of danger into the game
> which specifically targited vertical movement, but would be quite possible
> to show in audio.
> A good example of where this has been done is actually in both alien outback
> and troopanum.
> Admitting that it is not possible to have 30 or so invaders on screen at
> once in an audio game, developers instead made different types of ships to
> make life interesting, and in alien outback, gave those ships unique attacks
> and weaponry such as bombs.
> ditto with the esp pinball tables and their minigames, sinse obviously it's
> not possible to include quite as much in an audio table as a graphical one
> simply for purposes of the scan, however by including some more complex
> routes and gameplay changes they give a similarly tricky experience.
> Beware the grue!
> Dark.

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