Hi Shaun,

Ah...Excuse me for pointing out that the user interface is only a
small part of what has changed in Windows Vista/Windows 7.  On the
contrary many of the APIs have been replaced or vastly updated giving
something like Windows 7 quite a lot of changes under the hood from
Windows XP.

For example, the Windows mixer has been updated/rewritten in Windos 7
and really isn't fully compatible with Microsoft Directsound 8.
Instead there is a new API, XAudio2, that Windows 7 developers should
be using to handle audio output on Windows 7. As XAudio2 has now
officially replaced Directsound on XP, Vista, and Windows 7 that is
primarily what developers should probably be using to stay up to date.

As for VB 6 goes its not surprising  Microsoft completely pulled it
from Windows 7. The .Net languages have pretty much replaced
everything from the Windows 9x era, and .Net 4.0 is integrated
directly into the Windows 7 OS. Most developers today are writing apps
in C++ .Net, C# .Net, or VB .Net so it makes sense to target windows
consumers using one of those languages since the Windows 7 development
platform is primarily .Net now. That wasn't true a few years ago when
there wasn't a single API  for all Windows releases and programming
languages the way .Net has been designed to do for the modern
developer. That is probably the biggest change or difference  between
Windows 7 and XP.

On 6/7/11, shaun everiss <sm.ever...@gmail.com> wrote:
> thats true jeremy.
> And the way lifecycles are going, xp goes away, comes, back and then
> it does it again.
> I think though we can safely say that there probably won't be any
> major changes for a really long time, I mean we only just changed the
> interface in the vista/win7 system.
> It looks like ms is going to stay with that moddel as it is maybe for a
> while.
> And even if it changes its probably going to stay basically the same.
> Directx9 has stabelised mostly, and this could be the next standard
> to aspire to for now anyway.
> Once xp is not used anymore by anyone we could move to higher directx
> versions, but then again they are always moving foreward.

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