Isn't funny how many people want to jump down our throats for using vb6, when our games are free? When somebody makes a game, or games, there should be a hundred times as much gratitude and constructive criticism than there is complaining and negative criticism, but it's the other way round most of the time. I have been brought to the edge of simply stopping programming, just because people here are so gung-ho against vb6. We devs--most of us anyway, are very well aware how out-dated vb6 is, that Microsoft doesn't support it, (as if that matters much since they're constantly disarranging their software to make it "better,") and so on. Found a bug? Great--tell us about it. Got a way for the game to work better? That's great, but stop grinding our noses into the fact that vb6 is so old. Jim Kitchen, Jeremy and I use it, and it's what we know. Sorry if this causes discomfort and inconvenience. For my part, if a great open-source audio game comes out in, I'll look at it and eventually switch over, since I know how versatile .net is and so on. Until then, I'm happy to use vb6, and I'm not in a hurry to rush around and change up everything right away, especially since I make my games mainly for my own enjoyment, as do my colleagues. If I were trying to sell these games, the complaints about using outdated software would be relevant, but I'm not. (The exception, of course, is Phrase Madness, but that's written in Basic4PPC and uses .net framework, so it's up to spec--relatively.) Also, since I'm venting, there is one other thing I have to point out, and that is this. Even if a game is abandonware, it's not cool to just modify it without the programmer's concent. Damage Extreme is an attempt to make Enemy Attack even funner to play, and I would have gladly concented to the rewriting of it, but I wasn't asked, nor was the work I did on Enemy Attack even mentioned anywhere in the game. I'm not one who cares about such things in general, but this is different. It's not about feeling ticked because my name wasn't on the credits page--this is different. It's about respect due to game makers. It's about simply stealing a person's game, tweaking it here and there, and releasing it as completely your own idea. I've tried to let this go, tried to just swallow my pride or whatever, and all I've done is found my convictions on this more deeply. I'm not asking that the game be taken down, or even for my name to appear on a credits page, only that devs are respected more in future. If you're going to rip on sighted games, who cares--but audio games are developed by one person and take months if not years to put together, So please, let's have a little more respect for the game devs, okay?

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