I understand that the issue is about users being able to play the game.  For 
many years, since Microsoft first stopped supporting VB6, people have been 
saying that "any day" no one will be able to use software written with it.  
Obviously with each passing year this gets closer to the truth, but we have 
different opinions on the seriousness of this problem right now.  As I've said, 
when things change, I'll re-evaluate my position on the languages I use.

You're probably right that the next generation of windows won't support VB6 at 
all, but then again, you might be wrong.  Before Vista released, many people 
told me that it would be impossible to run VB6 applications on it, and it 
didn't turn out that way.  It's entirely possible that some small change will 
allow VB6 apps to run on Windows X, just as it has allowed Windows Vista and 
Windows 7 users to run them.  If not, then that's life and we will deal with 
the new situation.  We are both playing a guessing game, clearly some of you 
guess that all VB6 titles will be lost forever, and I am guessing that probably 
won't be the case, or at least I'm not so convinced that I'm willing to change 
how I'm currently doing things.

Dennis, when you say people can't play the games, I assume you mean the 
theoretical date when some new windows absolutely can't run VB6 games.  As 
things stand at the moment, I'm unaware of any version of windows (2000 and 
later) that can't run VB6 games.

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