Hi Charles,

That may be true, and I personally agree with you. However, not
everyone shares that opinion or has the same expectations. Beta 18 was
a fairly stable release, had decent audio, full joystick/mouse
support, analog jumping, and so forth so the public was expecting
something like that for beta 19. When they discovered some setbacks,
degration of features, based on a different version of the engine it
wasn't at at all what they had come to expect based on prior history
of the project. What Philip said is true. Some warning or note that
this was experimental code with degrated features might have prepared
the public for what was to be expected.

On 6/14/11, Charles Rivard <woofer...@sbcglobal.net> wrote:
> I still contend that a beta is just that.  A trial version that is still
> under development.  Anyone who doesn't know that will find out by, maybe,
> reading the documentation that comes with the game.  If you state in the
> documentation, maybe on the download page and in the license?, that this is
> a beta, it still under development and is, therefore, not a final release,
> and that gamers are working with it at their own risk, and the gamer doesn't
> read it but does agree to it by using the software, it's their problem.
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