Hi Dark,

Well, I generally use bog standard stereo headphones myself even
though I have 5.1 speakers and headphones etc because these days I
generally play games on my laptop and not on my desktop. My laptop has
just a basic stereo sound card, and I generally don't want to carry a
$125 pair of  5.1 headphones around with me on a jobsite etc as if
they get broken or lost I'm up the creek.

Besides that these 5.1 headphones I'm talking about hook up to a USB
port, and requires special drivers to be installed so they act as
another sound device. That's all well and good if I am   playing games
on Windows, but so far as I know there aren't Mac or Linux drivers
available for these headphones. As a result when I am using Linux on
my laptop I usually have to settle for bog standard stereo headphones
anyway just because I haven't located a  sound driver for my 5.1
headphones that will allow me to use them on non-Windows computers.

As for the 5.1 speakers I have on my desktop PC they sound really
awesome with GMA Tank Commander or Shades of Doom, but after I got
married I've started using headphones to keep from disturbing my wife
who might be watching television, reading a book to my son, or some
other action where blasting my speakers at full volume would be a
destraction. So even though I myself own the proper equipment and
technology its not very practical for a lot of reasons.

For all of those reasons even though I might support 3d audio in my
games I'm in the same boat when it comes to being able to play them
using standard stereo headphones or speakers. If it wasn't possible
I'd have to find a different way to get access to that same
information weather by verbalizing it or adding in other indecators
like targeting beeps.

On 6/18/11, dark <d...@xgam.org> wrote:
> Hi tom.
> Good to here your adding in the kews, though this is something we've
> discussed before.
> it's odd but I can actually play shades of doom far more effectively and
> precisely with my headphones than I can on 5.1 speakers, mostly because the
> audio is far more immediate.
> Indeed, while I like my 5.1 speakers for watching films, the only games i
> use them for are specifically though that do not require large amounts of
> sterrio, like Jim kitchin's golf game, and if I'm listening to audio dramas
> I always prefer headphones.
> I must admit though my hadphones are rather monstrous sanheisar ones that
> actually cost as much as the speakers did, so this might be a factor.
> Beware the Grue!
> Dark.

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