Hi Dark,

Well, I thought that the voice situation was resolved too, but that
was before we got numerous requests that Scansoft Tom sounds to fast,
people can't understand it, or just don't like the voice. So we are
considering our options and alternatives before we release 1.0 rc1.
The reason I want to do so is that once I finalize release candidate 1
development will be frozen. Nothing short of a blue screen of death
will get me to change the voice, keyboard commands, or anything else.
That's basically 1.0 in a nutshell. The difference between a release
candidate and the actual 1.0 release will be last minute bug fixes or
any other late breaking developments that  might need fixed or
addressed before the 1.0 final release.

As for your comments I definitely understand your frustration and
desire to see the game completed at last. However, I think you are
overlooking the fact that is precisely what I am doing right now. You
are not seeing the big picture here, and the stages of development the
game has gone through so far.

What I mean by that is strictly speaking for the last two-and-a-half
years I have not been developing Mysteries of the Ancients so much as
I have been designing and programming the Genesis 3D engine and in
order to test that I had to put some basic game code in place, create
a couple levels, etc to make sure it all worked. In that sense
Mysteries of the Ancients beta 1 through beta 20 are nothing more or
less than a shell or testbed application used to test various
components like input, audio, threading, etc contained in the game
engine. So with that in mind what you have really been testing all
along is not Mysteries of the Ancients, the game, but Mysteries of the
Ancients, the testbed app, which is there to test Genesis 3D.
Now, that beta 20 is out and we are heading for release candidate 1
what I am doing is going in creating the game, finalizing things, and
will put out 12 levels of action and adventure I'm sure everyone will
enjoy. I'm no longer working on the engine and am fully working on the
game. One of those things I want to do is get the best speech output,
music, sounds, game levels, etc. In other words revamp and finalize
everything between now and August.


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