Hi Thomas,
I am just not a fan of Scansoft Tom, as I think the voice is of lesser quality than some of the others. I noticed that some of the voices had larger download sizes and most of the time, the larger the download the clearer the voice sounded to me. I suspect that some of the voices were either recorded or converted to a lower bit rate. Originally they had 8 and 16 bit rates on the voices but recently I noticed some 24 bit that sounded much clearer.
If you are going to stay with Tom, I do have a few suggestions.
I think the main problem in understanding the voice is that the words are blended together too much.
You could try increasing the pause between words from the Text Aloud menu.
Or you could add a punctuation mark between some of the words.
In  Actions_Selection2.wav
You have him saying
Climb Up: up arrow.
but it sounds like
climb upup parrow.
A colon does not pause the voice as much as a comma does.
I suggest adding commas in between words to make a sentence like this clearer.
such as,
climb, up, up, arrow.

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Hi Phil,

Yes, the reason I stopped using Heather is the Acapella engine has
difficulty pronouncing various words. For example, I'd try to get
Heather to say Centaur and it would say something totally off the
wall. I'd then break it into two different words like cent and
tore,and Heather would say something close to Centaur but you could
here where I broke the word into two different words. There were other
weird problems like you might have a word like torch and she'd say
tork. It took me forever to try and get her to say torch correctly.
Finally, I gave it up because the voice was a pain to get to work

As for speech rate here is the funny thing. Acapella Heather and
Scansoft Tom were recorded at the same rate. That is according to the
Text Aloud settings. However, at that same rate Tom does sound faster
or more clipped so I think each TTS voice/engine handles those
settings differently.

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