Hi Yohandy,

You are right. Scare tactics usually work because the general public,
avrage end users, don't know any better. Interesting enough while
there are plenty of free programs that do the same thing, people are,
in my experience, all too willing to believe if they pay for a
software application it must be better than the free application.

I have a friend I went to college with. I had a conversaition with him
not to long ago, and he was talking about all the upgrades he'd have
to pay for to go to Windows 7. I told him that there were free apps
just as good as those for Windows, and his responce surprised me. He
told me he'd rather pay for his antivirus software, upgrade to Winzip,
and this that and the other thing because they are better made and are
more professional than those free apps I mentioned.

Well, people are certainly entitled to their opinions, but it is
attitudes exactly like that which keeps companies in business. If they
can use scare tactics to get you to buy their product they'll do it.
Most people aren't willing to go out on a limb to find out if it is
true or false.

In Terry Goodkind's book, "Wizard's First Rule," he makes a very good
point. Most people will believe a lie, any lie, because they want to
believe its true or are afraid it might be true. Therefore they are
easy to be manipulated by dishonest and untrustworthy people.

Companies know this. Everyone who knows basic human psychology knows
that there are a lot of people who can be confused or manipulated just
because they aren't technically minded and don't really know anything
about their computer. If company x says you need this program then
they will believe it. If an add says that a free program doesn't have
all the features of commercial program x they'll probably believe it
without trying to find out if it is true. Misinformation and
redirection is the way advertising works in the commercial world.


On 7/2/11, Yohandy <yohand...@gmail.com> wrote:
> Why pay when CCleaner can do it for free? People should really try and look
> for free alternative to things. I don't pay for any maintenance software on
> my PC. I use CCleaner for junk cleaning, Microsoft Security Essentials for
> antivirus, and Malwarebytes for any other malware. If I really want to make
> sure my PC's clean, I can always use an online scanner like Nod32 for on
> demand scanning. that's all people need. any utility that claims to fix
> everything for a fee is usually false advertisement from the company to get
> you to buy their product. haven't you guys notice all the scare tactics
> present on these websites? Guess they work.

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