Hi tom.

blame it on playing waaaaay too much castaways ;D.

It's odd, I don't usually find stratogy games my first choice. Games like sound rts and time of conflict I tend to pick up, play for a couple of days and then put way for several months again. I think this is mostly because of my love of exploring and seeing new things in games.

this week though, I've had several! nights up playing the game. There were three radio dramas of torchwood, the dr. who spinoff, which I managed to miss thanks to castaways (though I did catch the main tv program because my parents phoned and reminded me).

I've been wanting mush fixed for months, but haven't played alterean sinse last thursday! and last night i really! went over board on the game for a solid few hours from about 10 at night to 6 A m.

I think what it is, is castaways has a heavy does of the judgement based gameplay I mentioned before.

Then there is the reaction factor. In many stratogy games, it's a case of prepare, then let wrip and see how your preparations do, but in castaways you really need to stay on top of matters, tweaking things here and there, changing jobs around, planning and carrying out different goals while keeping your populous fed etc.

Entombed (though the genre is different), has a very similar thought process to it, sinse you can't just numbercrunch your way into the best armour, and hit attack, attack, attack! but need to think about each battle and react to what your enemy is doing.

This type of thing I find fascinating, having to change actions and stratogy at any one time to take into account the ongoing situation.

it's a factor all the great games, marrio turrican, etc had, ---- indeed Mega man was famous for it in boss fights, and it's fantastic to see in an accessible game.

Beware the grue!


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