Hey there everyone, I'm Hatred, a friend of Aprone. I've been reading
through the posts about his latest game, Castaways, and I've noticed a small
topic about Bridging the Gap between Sighted and Blind gamers. Figured I'd
toss in my thoughts on the topic since I have a different perspective than
most of you do.

First up, I think that having Blind and Sighted gamers playing together,
either competitively or cooperatively, would be amazing and I fully support
the idea. However, as a Sighted gamer, I've seen a lot of the bad things
that can come from it so I have to warn you that if it's done incorrectly,
you could end up having a lot more problems than you'd want. From what I've
seen while browsing through the emails here and the forums at
Audiogames.net, the Blind gaming community is full of awesome people that
truly want to play new and inventive games. You guys seem eager to explore
together, to build together, and to wage war together. That's awesome, and
as a gamer I love that. Heck, that's one of the reasons I've been pushing
Aprone to do more multiplayer games! I want to play with you guys too!
Unfortunately, there are  many Sighted gamers that don't feel the same.

The majority of Sighted gamers are, in essence, similar to Blind gamers.
They want to relax and enjoy the games they love with cool people. However,
there are many that feel that they have the right to ruin the fun for
everyone. Hackers, Spammers, Trolls, and just regular old Idiots run rampant
on many multiplayer games, set on causing havoc for the sake of their own
twisted fun. Aprone and I actually first met in a small game called Babo
Violent 2, a multiplayer shooter game. We played together, and eventually
became good friends. The game was fast, fun, and easy to pick up and play.
However, it had little to no hack protection. I'll admit, I was one of the
Hackers that found a lot of the security holes and had some fun seeing what
I could do with the game. However, I wasn't malicious about it. I simply did
it on my own, away from other players so as not to ruin their fun.
Unfortunately, a large number of players thought differently. They ran
rampant, making themselves invincible, cheating in the game, harassing other
players, and even crashing the servers if they were bored. At one time
players couldn't even get into a game because the servers were down
constantly. It's sad but true, some people truly enjoy causing other people

Now, I'm not saying that you all should avoid having sighted players play
with you. By all means, I think that goal is great and you should pursue it
full force. However, be aware that with it comes some pretty hefty problems.
It will require developers to rethink how they code their games. They'll
have to take into consideration some form of anti-cheat programming, or even
have a way for admins to remove cheaters from the game. It's definitely
doable but will require a lot more work to make it happen.

Anyways, my long rant is over. Lol! Keep gaming my friends!
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