Hi Dark,

Actually, 20,000 a year is pretty small potatoes for most programmers.
If Jeremey were working for a game development company like microsoft
Game Studios, Activision, Nintendo, etc he could double that on an
entry level position. I've heard some senior programmers make upwards
to 60,000 as their yearly salary.  So with those figures in mind
20,000 sounds pretty low. Especially, if you look at the current
financial scale over hear.

Its been a while since I read the financial reports, but basically
$20,000  and less is considered to b below minimum wage even though a
person working for McDonald's and a like are lucky if they get $12,000
to $15,000 per year. The middle class is generally considered to be
$40,000 to $60,000 per year. Which is why people are screaming.
Unemployment is high, and the cost of living is so high that some
people have to work themselves to death taking on one or two dirt poor
minimum wage jobs like McDonald's and Burger King just to reach the
$20,000 minimum wage level the U.S. government consideres to be the
amount to be classified as minimum wage for our current c ost of
living. Of course, the crooks in Washing DC wouldn't raise the
national minimum wage, forcing companies to give everyone a raise, but
have no problems giving themselves raises when they want one.

Anyway, that's not the only problem comercial VI game developers have
to face. Here in the U.S. we have not had a cost of living adjustment,
raise in SSI, since like 2008. Mean while the cost of everything is
sky rocketing because of fuel and transport costs. Gas, food, taxie
service, you name it costs more and anyone on SSI, which 80% of the
blind are, have less to spend on toys and games. They have to
constantly fork over more and more money just to survive.

On 7/16/11, dark <d...@xgam.org> wrote:
> Actually yohandi, lots of Jeremy's games do have graphics, though admittedly
> simple ones and they're of use to me.
> In Castaways you can see the map and the terrain of the tyles which makes
> for a handy overview, though from what I can gather buildings and other
> items don't appear on it at the moment, (unless they are really tiny nd too
> small for me to see, the way many of the animals in lunimals were).
> As to selling games, the problem is self support would be difficult.
> if we assume a 30 usd game will sell roughly 150 copies as games like rail
> racer I believe have, that means something like 4500 usd per game.
> at that wrate, Jeremy would need to sell one game every 2 months to earn 27
> thousand dollars a year.
> In england that is roughly the equivolent to the 20 thousand a year earned
> by starting level teachers, junior doctors and the like.
> thus, if aprone has a semi decent job, he could probably get more
> programming, ---- though admittedly I don't know what the cost of living in
> the us is like and what a professional wage of a similar level would be.
> I'm also not sure on the two month mark even for aprone, --- and then of
> course there's the fact that sales money would come gradually, not making
> things very secure.
> that being said, some special games have sold many more copies (I'm told
> entombed hit the 500 mark), so my estimate is probably pretty low, though
> there's also the fact that most vi gamers aren't rolling in cash, and the
> number of Aprone's games they buy may be limited.
> Beware the grue!
> Dark.

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