Actually yohandi, lots of Jeremy's games do have graphics, though admittedly simple ones and they're of use to me.

In Castaways you can see the map and the terrain of the tyles which makes for a handy overview, though from what I can gather buildings and other items don't appear on it at the moment, (unless they are really tiny nd too small for me to see, the way many of the animals in lunimals were).

As to selling games, the problem is self support would be difficult.

if we assume a 30 usd game will sell roughly 150 copies as games like rail racer I believe have, that means something like 4500 usd per game.

at that wrate, Jeremy would need to sell one game every 2 months to earn 27 thousand dollars a year.

In england that is roughly the equivolent to the 20 thousand a year earned by starting level teachers, junior doctors and the like.

thus, if aprone has a semi decent job, he could probably get more programming, ---- though admittedly I don't know what the cost of living in the us is like and what a professional wage of a similar level would be.

I'm also not sure on the two month mark even for aprone, --- and then of course there's the fact that sales money would come gradually, not making things very secure.

that being said, some special games have sold many more copies (I'm told entombed hit the 500 mark), so my estimate is probably pretty low, though there's also the fact that most vi gamers aren't rolling in cash, and the number of Aprone's games they buy may be limited.

Beware the grue!


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