Hi list and Thomas, in case you are still there.

I normally don't take part in such discussions, because they don't really concern me and I don't know enough about the technical side of programming to add something constructive to the discussion.

But this is a point for me where I have to express myself, since things have gone way too far for me now.

Thomas, what gives you the right to insult people, to flat out sware like this on list? The point Che made is a valid one, because you really often sound like you do things the right way and others not. This was not the first time that someone has pointed this out. Why don't you take the time to think about this instead of reacting like a stubborn child and cluttering the list with cussing all over the place? As far as I've seen, Che didn't insult you or anyone else, he simply said that he had a cirtain impression of the things you said. It's ok to say that you didn't mean it that way, but it cirtainly is no reason to act up like this.

In my book, you just now killed all the respect I had for you or your work and I frankly had enouch of your childish behavior as soon as someone criticises you. It's completely fine for me if you leave now, shut down your website and vanish from this community. I don't think we need such an childish or immature developer who freaks out for the slightest reason.

Sorry to everyone who is upset with all this, I'm too. But I also had enough of this sort of response to simple criticism.

So, good bye Thomas and fare well.

Best regards

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