Hi Che,

I'm sorry you took my comments so negatively, but I was not trying to
put down, insult, or treat other programmers as incompetent, etc. Let
me say that you are reading more into what I said then was intended or
implied. I'm not sure how or why I always get myself into these kinds
of situations, but it seems to me a lot of people jump to the wrong
conclusions or opinions of what I say. All I can say is it is a lot of
miscommunication between you and I.

For instance, you said, "Have you taken a look at what David Greenwood
has put out in the past 10 years with his incompetent skills, inferior
programming language and low level work ethic?"

Never in all the years I've been a member of this community have I
ever accused David Greenwood of being incompetent or having a lazy
work ethic etc. On the contrary I have a great deal of respect for the
work he has done and purchased Lone Wolf, Shades of Doom, tank
Commander, Time of Conflict, etc. In fact the only product of his I
have not purchased is VIP Mud simply because I'm not really into
mudding myself. Otherwise I have purchased and enjoyed every one of
his products. Yes, I might not agree with the language and tools he
uses, but that doesn't in anyway mean I do not respect him or his
work. To say otherwise is a complete misrepresentation of
my character, and would be absolutely false.

As for the issue that I passively aggressively labeled you as a lazy
programmer you are just wrong on that account. I never intended to say
that. What I said was that there was a time and place for certain
languages like VB to be used when the developer is in a hurry to get
things done, when the person is on a schedule like a corperate
environment, or if they don't want to take the extra time to build a
game or similar product from scratch. I know why you are all fired
upset, and that's because I used the word lazy, but what I meant by
being lazy is simply not wanting to take more time than necessary to
create a product. That's not necessarily a bad thing, and I did not
mean it in a negative context although I do see how you could draw
that conclusion. I don't know what else to say other than you took my
meaning, interpreted it in the wrong way, and twisted it to say
something other than what was meant.

So here is the issue. You say I am being very insulting. That I'm
putting other developers down even though I am in no way trying to do
that. All I am trying to do or say is explain why I personally do what
I do, why I might choose to use C++ over some other language, and the
logic behind what I am doing.

Sometimes that requires mentioning some short comings of another
language like VB that I feel does not meet my personal standards or
requirements. In such a case my comments are only directed at the
language under discussion. That's a totally separate issue of weather
I think Jeremey, David Greenwood, Jim Kitchen, or someone else is a
decent programmer and should or should not be respected.  In many
cases I do respect the programmer, enjoy his body of work, despite
being written in a language I wouldn't use myself. Why do you insist
that if I say language x isn't the best language out there you
immediately assume it is some underhanded attack on some other
developer who uses the language?

I honestly don't understand where you are coming from, but let me tell
you how I see things. If I say that I don't agree with the developers
choice of language or tools you guys immediately take it as a personal
insult. Even though I respect what the developer is doing with what he
knows or uses. Never-the-less you automatically assume I don't respect
him, and that's not true.

A case in point. You used VB .Net for Rail Racer. I totally understand
why you chose the language, and I have nothing but respect for you as
a new developer for creating such a superb racing game.  My issue
isn't with you or Rail Racer personally, but I might have a few
technical things against VB .Net from a development standpoint. One of
those being simply that it requires several extra packages like .Net
Framework and Managed DirectX to be installed on to the end users
machine to get it to run when I could relie on core C++ libraries and
components to do the same thing with a lot less in terms of extra
dependencies. Of course, now that .Net is a core component of Windows
7 that's not really such a problem any more.  However, my view of the
language and tools does not mean that I consider you or anyone else as
incompetent for using them. If you think I'm saying you are
incompetent then maybe you are being a tad bit overly sensitive, and
looking for things in my messages that aren't there.

In short, what I am saying is as people we often begin labeling others
a certain way, and no matter what they say or do we filter them
through those initial preconceptions. By the tone of your message you
make me sound like some kind of puffed up, arrogant, self-righteous,
self-aggrandizing, elitist or something. This is most likely do to the
fact you are judging me on soully the messages posted to the list and
from a personal point of view you don't know me from Adam. So instead
of flaming me as you have why don't you do something constructive give
me examples of what I said, word for word, and then tell me exactly
how you would have worded it yourself to get the exact same point
across without being so offensive I think this is the critical issue.
Its not what I said but how I said it that really burns your rear?


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